UK Expats In Spain

Making the Most of Your Life in the Sun

As a fellow expat, I know how frustrating it can be when you get beyond holiday mode and need to live your life to the full, without your British creature comforts, amidst a different way of life with confusing laws and regulations.

This site hopes to minimise some of the problems you may be facing with information on many of the topics that affect you most; the best sources for UK goods including companies that ship to the UK for little or no extra cost; the best flight operators for your return trips to the UK or for your visitors coming out to Spain; services for expats - many you probably didn't know exist; Spanish law and how it affects you and much more.

Expat Shoppping Guide

There are many options available including buying from UK companies in sterling or euros, often with free or low cost delivery, or buying online from Spanish sites.

Travel Services
This section of the site looks at your travel choices available and the pros and cons of each airline, together with information on car hire, accommodation and travel insurance.
Financial and Legal Services
The chances are that you will continue to work with both pounds and euros even after many years in Spain. Find out how to simplify the process and avoid unnecessary costs.
Working In Spain
Not everyone has the luxury of a large pension or other source of income. Find out what you need to know if you're looking to work in Spain or just earning a few extra euros online..
Buying Property in Spain
Looking to buy property in Spain? Check out the pitfalls to watch out for, and find out what's on offer.

Speaking the Language
Teach yourself a few words online or check out some of the best Spanish language courses.

More Useful Resources
Did you know you can watch British TV in Spain without a Sky dish? Or that you can get yourself a free UK phone number which diverts to your Spanish phone? Find out more about these and other useful services for UK expats.